The pre-school

100_3172The pre-school is a part of the Scandinavian School and follows the Swedish curriculum for pre-schools. We accept children between the ages of 1-5. The activities of the pre-school run from Monday to Thursday 08.00 to 14.00 and Fridays to 12.30. As of august the year the children turn 4 they are allowed to stay until 17.00. Between 7.15 and 08.00 in the mornings it is supervision only. The pre-school has newly renovated appropriate and spacious facilities.

The pre-school work thematically. The children have great opportunities to play outside which we take advantage of during most of the day. The school has its own pool, and swimming and water games are part of the planned activities once or twice per week almost the whole year around.

The activities are well planned so that the children have both varied educational activities and time for free play. The day is scheduled with set times for assembly, activities, play and meals. Sometimes the whole pre-school group is together, but more often it is separated into the smaller groups so that every child’s educational level receives full attention. The pre-school and the school have a common assembly once per week.

In the second part of spring term the children who have turned five have educational activities together with ‘förskoleklassen’ (the year before the 1st grade) and 1st grade in school, once or twice per week.