The school

IMGP6563Focusing on the individual
The children are divided in small groups and are offered an education adjusted to the individual. A safe environment, high quality and solidarity are important values to the school. The school children are divided in three groups.

A school for whom?
The Scandinavian School in Maputo offers education for Scandinavian children from förskoleklass (pre-school class, a year before the 1st grade) to year 9 and we offer guidance for students enrolled in distance learning at a Swedish ’gymnasium’(secondary education). Formally, the school is working under an agreement between Sweden and Mozambique and is following the Swedish curriculum. The National Board of Education in Sweden (Skolverket) is the supervising authority and has a representative in the School Board. For Norwegian, Swedish and Finish students the education is regulated by government grants through agreements between these countries. For the rest of the Scandinavian countries there is a local agreement which means that the tuition fee for these children will be slightly higher in order to replace some of the government grant. The school is, according to the local legislation, not allowed to accept students with only a Mozambican citizenship.

Regardless of which of the Scandinavian countries you are from, you should be offered an education of a high standard that is adapted to facilitate a continuing education in the home country. The education and information from the school is in Swedish, Norwegian or Danish depending on which of the languages the teacher, or the person who gives out the information, speaks.

Scandinavian languages in the education
The school and pre-school welcome children and youths from the Scandinavian countries, or from families where at least one parent is a Scandinavian citizen.  Among other things we offer education in Danish and Norwegian for native speakers. The ‘Scandinavianisation’ means that we are also celebrate the Scandinavian holidays and traditions.

Working hours
The pre-school opens at 7.15 and the school at 7.45 (it is possible to leave the school children to the pre-school staff between 7.15 and 7.45). Activities start at 8 o’clock. At 11.45 lunch is served. See the time table for the respective groups in order to find out what time your child’s lessons end in the afternoons. Every Friday the school ends at 12.30 for all children.

Mozambique in the school
We are trying in different ways to include the reality that our students naturally have around them in our daily work. Moreover, during one week each year we also have specific Mozambique theme when students from both the pre-school and school get to meet, and learn from local musicians, dancers, artists and craftsmen.

The School´s rules 
Staff and students have together decided the School’s rules. The application of the rules may differ and look differently depending on the age of the students, but the starting point is always that everyone has a right to safe and uninterrupted play/work. Every group has its own classroom rules. We have summarized the School’s rules in a “document of expectation” that applies to staff, students and also parents. We also have rules on who is allowed to use the school’s sports court and pool. Here you can download our document of expectation and our rules outside of school hours.